SMT Assembly

For SMT - Surface Mount Technology placement we use a high technology production line from Swiss manufacturer of pick and place machines Essemtec. The design of the SMT line is designed in such a way that allows rapid adaptation and flexibility of small and medium-sized production and prototyping. Due to the quick responsiveness and flexibility, we represent the ideal solution for all companies who want to check the functionality or eliminate defects of the prototype with modern SMT placing machine.  pick and place machine

PCB prototyping has always been one of our most requested services. Through our SMT assembly engineers, we can ensure you a quick turn around and top quality production.
More then ten years of experience in soldering electronic circuits boards, enables us a high-quality and fast assembly of SMT and THT components. We offer support and advice to all our business partners throughout the entire process of producing SMT components.

Our services:

  • Assembling of SMT components.
  • All preparation of the material.
  • Programming for "pick and place" files.
  • Control.
  • Packaging and delivery of SMT components.
  • Optical control.

To ensure the highest quality of assembling of SMT components, all our working areas are protected by anti-static inlets. All circuit boards are visually inspected, prior to shipment.
Based on more than ten years of experience, the technological process from consulting to dispatch of SMT components are at the highest possible level.

For SMT assembling we use a multi-purpose center Paraquda, which is a new generation of SMT pick and place machine with very large capacity feeder (solder) and is designed to be extremely flexible production of SMT components. Paraquda combines three different production steps within one platform (jet printing of solder paste and/or glue and SMD assembly). Components from 01005 up to 100x100mm can be picked and placed by all 4 high-accuracy placement axes of the Paraquda. A maximum component height of up to 25mm allows to place any size of components. Fine-pitch components down to 0.3mm, BGA’s, MicroBGA’s, CSP, QFN or even odd-shape components can be placed. The Paraquda meets all the requirements of a modern, highly flexible production system - quick changeover, intuitive operation and the combined usage of jet or needle valves. 

SMT pick and place machine Paraquda enables short lead times and flexibility, as it allows programming components at the actual demands and needs of our clients.


We work in accordance with certificate
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries®